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Airdrill Hammers and Bits vision is to provide a purpose designed high quality RC Hammer and Bit range to a group of selected customers. A commitment and an inherent obligation to provide proper customer support and a commitment to build long term relationships with our customers is deemed to be of paramount importance in our planning and in the way in which we conduct our business.

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Universal Performer

The the Airdrill range of Hammers and Bits
have proven in the field to be consistent high performers
in all conditions.

High Sample Recovery

The NextGen 600 Hammers provide chip sizes large
enough to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding
Geologists. Extensive field testing shows that the
sample travels freely to the cyclone without blocking the
Bits or the Hammer. Importantly, the Bit face is designed
to clear samples with minimal regrinding.

Deep Hole Reliability

Maximum CFM through hammer with optimal PSI clears water and returns a dry sample. The NextGen Hammer has been proven to avoid silting or blocking even in the deepest exploration holes, whilst still maintaining efficient penetration.

Changing Ground Conditions

The NextGen Hammers handle a range of ground
conditions encountered in exploration work.
The Hammer easily handles running sands, clays, broken
ground, hard rock and the difficulties experienced in iron
ore exploration.

Easy Maintenance

The NextGen Hammer; compared to it’s competitors has
the least number of parts. Designed for simple and easy
maintenance in the field the NextGen Hammer can be
quickly broken down and serviced within minutes by
unskilled persons.


Guaranteed to 1000 PSI G. Should any claims arise they will
be dealt with fairly and promptly.